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A story as solid as cement

Durite has been producing plasters and paints since 1957


Durite was founded in 1921. At that time it produced coloured mineral plasters, lime paints and cement blocks for industrial flooring. Production evolved over time. With the arrival of new figures, from the mid-1960s onwards, the company developed special research into more traditional lime plasters and finishes. Materials and intervention techniques were developed for the restoration of historical buildings.

The beginning of a story as solid as concrete


In the early 1990s, lime finishes began to spread, albeit amidst some diffidence, even in the new quality building sector, which was attentive to the aesthetic and environmental characteristics of traditional materials. The company continued to develop materials with mineral binders. In 1996, it produced the first decorative continuous floor covering based on lime and cement. Backed by many years of experience, Durite today boasts a high standard of quality, matured through years of laboratory research and site practice.

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